May 18th, 2010

Liquor Park

Trip log: Illinois, I think...


Landed in Columbus and realized that I didn't have my sister's current cell number. An hour plus later, ran into my brother in law, and all was well. Spent a lovely day poking about Columbus, and discovered at least 3 really tastey local breweries. Also, had the best ice cream I've ever tasted there, too.

Napped for most of the ride through Ohio. Pretty sure I didn't miss a hell of a lot.

Got to Kentucky and massive cat drama occured. Long story short, never fly your pet Delta if you've got to fly them somewhere. They shoved my sister's cat into the back of a storage closet in Detroit and lost him for 24 hours. He's now safe at my mom's place, luckily.

Packed the house into the truck, had some backyard bonfires, chatted with the neighbors, sent several warning shots to my liver in preperation for Memorial Day. All in all a pleasent way to spend three days.

Today, did a tour of the Woodford Reserve distillery in Versailles, KY, just outside of Lexington. Fun fact, folks: it is illegal to sell or serve alcohol on an election day from 6am-6pm in Kentucky. Today was an election day, and therefore no samples of the wares to be had.

Fucking Kentucky.

On the upside, we stopped at an amazing brewpub in Louisville for dinner. At 6:15 pm. We had to wait almost an hour for a table. Apparently voting is thirsty work...
The beer was very good, which was a pleasent surprise after my last trip out this way 5ish years ago. The BBQ was to die for, as expected.

We're now somewhere just across the Illinois border, I believe, with a goal of St. Louis for breakfast.

Pics of Woodford can be found on the Facebook.