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So, there is is, then. Suggestions, anyone?

Almost 5 years after I drove my sister and her (then new) husband's things out to West Virginia for them. That trip was me and a dog in the cab of a Penske truck crossing the country in just under 3 days (I could've made it faster, but I wanted to see some things along the way).

In May, I fly out and get to drive a truck back again. This time, it'll be me and my sister... and the same dog. Also, I've been told that it will not be a 3 day trip, as apparently you can't actually see anything when crossing the country that quickly. I would beg to differ, but I digress.

I need to remember to ask for the last two weeks of May off tomorrow when I get into work, as regardless of what position I'm working at that time, I want the time off on the calendar. I got confirmation of my flight out at departing SeaTac at 11:50pm on 5/14/10, and arriving in Columbus 11:10am on 5/15/10. There's a 3 hour layover in Detroit. That should give me plenty of time to find a bar...

My sister wants to see Arches National Park in Utah, and I fully condone this. This is, thus far, our only "must see" destination between Louisa, KY and Coupeville, WA. With the stipulation that we'll be headed more or less West (pretty much any direction but East, really, due to *some* time and fuel cost constraints) beginning the morning of 5/17/10 and I need to be back in Seattle by 5/26/10 to give me time to pack for an annual camping debauch the weekend of 5/28-5/31, I guess the question is:

What the hell is there to see in the middle of the lower 48?

I've never been to Texas, so I may plan a route skirting through that state... granted, I've never been to Kansas, either, and the most direct route to UT from KY is straight through KS.

I know there are folks on this list that have spent not insignificant portions of their lives in the Mid-West... what's there to see?

The other alternative, of course, may be to bomb across country to Utah, and then take a minor detour through California --specifically the Bay Area-- on the way back up to Washington... I kinda like the sound of that... I may have to give it some more thought and see if lil' sis' is up for it...

Things to ponder, for certain.
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