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Getting back

Had band practice today, and somewhere in there something clicked. My body began to remember how this game is played. I was starting to do the things I know I can do, without having to force it.

I need my endurance back, and I've got blisters where my callouses used to be, but I'm getting there. It's becoming more of a reality to me. This makes me kinda giddy, really. I've missed it. I walked into the practice room at one point, and it even *smelled* right. Not to say that it would smell good to most anyone else, but there's something about the smell of sweat, hot tubes and solid-state equipment mixed together that will always bring a smile to my face.

junya had his new set up there today, too. Hot damn, that sounds sweet. feardiagh has improved greatly just in the last couple of weeks. Markedly so, actually. So awesome to hear. We borrowed the Beeflord from johnnymohawk for our bassist, and I think this was the first practice where we could actually hear each other. Got our cover song mostly figured out, which isn't bad considering our singer doesn't get in until mid-April. Got other bits to some original stuff laid out. On stage by October is looking like a far more feasible goal. This, too, pleases me greatly.

I hurt. I hurt in places that haven't been sore for far, far too long. This, as a third point, also makes me smile. I've needed this. I had no idea how much I was missing it.

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