Drummerboy (liquordrums) wrote,

Good trip, and other stuff

Back from the cross country jaunt, which I may or may not get around to doing a pictorial write up of some time in the near-ish future. It was good.

Now comes the pack and prep for the yearly camp out. This is also good.

Found out yesterday that one of my best friends at work got canned for trumped up bullshit after eight years of service. In its own way, this is also good, but it's still a steaming pile of fetid bovine excrement. Resolve has been cemented, and the job search begins in earnest. I'm not waiting around for that to happen to me.

But now, back to the camp prep. I still have five and a half days that I don't have to think about that place, with the last day being the one where we move into our practice space. This is good, and I intend to make full use of all time away, as they're not giving me any serious reason to want to go back.

Fuck it, whatever. Back to the good.

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