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Random Ape Gribblings

The collected rantings of a drunken fool

17 July 1977
Everything you ever heard about drummers is true.

a clockwork orange, a good rain, absurd, adventuring, alcohol, annoying smart people, annoying stupid people, annoying you specifically, art in any form, asinine, ass, beer, blowjobs, blue humor, body modification, boobies, booze, bowling, breaking the 10 commandments, breasts, bush for ex-president, camping, candles, cars, cats, chaos, chaos theroy, cheese, chess, clan macthoy, coffee, coyotes, crashbox, creativity, crows, cynicism, death, debauchery, dogs, dragons, drinking, driving therapy, driving too damn fast, drugs, drumming, drums, drunk midgets, drunken assholery, dry martinis, dry wit, dumb humor, evil, exploring, fire, fornicating, frank zappa, fuck, genitalia, getting lost, heh, history, humor through repetition, humping, hunter s. thompson, insanity, inside, j.r.r. tolkien, jackass, kanji, kink, leather, lenard coen, lessons learned, life, liquor, liquorbox, love, lust, making music, mammary glands, martinis, masturbation, metal, midgets, midgets bowling, milkshakes, mistakes, monkeys, monty python, more alcohol, more beer, motorcycles, muscle cars, music, mythology, nicotine, oatmeal cookies, outside, parties, peeing in your butt, philosophy, photography, pictures, piercings, playing drums, poop, porn, punk, ravens, righteous vengeance, risk, rock 'n roll, rodeo sex, rotten food, rotten.com, rum, sarcasm, sex, shitting in your cheerios, sick and twisted, sin, skepticism, skiing, slam suzzanne, smart assholery, smoking, south park, still life with woodpecker, striking wood, subjects deemed inappropriate, tasteless humor, tattoos, the crow, the onion, the simpsons, thinking, tits, tom robbins, tom waits, traveling, travelling, triumphs, vice, vitreous humor, wandering, whiskey, wisdom, wolves, women, wtf?